Trattamenti non chirurgici per la Tendinopatia Achillea Inserzionale

29 Novembre 2023 By fabriziofly Non attivi

Nonsurgical Treatment Options for Insertional Achilles Tendinopathy


Most nonoperative treatments for insertional Achilles tendinopathy (IAT) have insufficient evidence to support treatment recommendations. Exercise has the highest level of evidence supporting the ability of this treatment option to reduce IAT pain. The effects of exercise may be enhanced by a wide variety of other treatments, including soft tissue treatment, nutritional supplements, iontophoresis, education, stretching, and heel lifts. When exercise is unsuccessful, extracorporeal shock wave therapy seems to be the next best nonoperative treatment option to reduce IAT pain. After other nonoperative treatment options have been exhausted, injections may be considered, particularly to facilitate participation in an exercise program.

Keywords: Achilles tendonitis; Eccentric exercise; Extracorporeal shock wave therapy; Pain; Physical therapy; Rehabilitation.

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